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Experience our Sami Culture

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In our Sami village

This tour 10 of june - 15 sept 2024

Always call by phone and check so we are on place to take care of You.

070 642 3166

Enjoy our Sami culture. A 1,5 hour experience. Visit our reindeers. Down on the settlement you can see how we used to live, and learn more about our culture and traditions beside the warm fire.
With coffee and dried reindeer meet.

400 SEK 

Stay overnight start at 3 pm

                                                        Only in summer

 We guide You around on the settlement. Meet reindeers and learn about them. Our history and traditions.
Sleep on reindeer skin in the huts.
With dinner, evening snack and breakfast. 1500 SEK.
We have sleepingbags.




The day starts with an introduction on my view on life itself. A journey between the spiritual, how i live with the nature and how i look upon death. This could be the beginning of your own spritual journey. We will take a hike in nature and you will learn about the  herbs and berries around this area.  
Dinner and overnight stay on reindeer skin in the sami huts.
A food basket for the evening and breakfast. Sauna.  2500SEK 


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